Logistics & Supply Chain IoT

With the growing complexity of today’s supply chains and the accelerating pace modern business, there is significant pressure on logistics and supply chain managers to ensure that the right things are at the right place at the right time, every time.

From the start of the chain to the end of the last mile.

Locatum brings the power of IoT to logistics and supply chain management, enabling enterprises to track the journey of critical materials, products and assets across their supply chain from end to end. Whether its warehouse or fleet management, delivery or shipment, Locatum provides complete visibility across your logistics and supply chain management operations.

Real-time Visibility of Inventory across Warehouses

  • Locate and monitor the status of critical inventory across warehouses with wireless asset tracking, allowing for accurate, auditable and efficient digital stock keeping.
  • Streamline coordination between warehouse and logistics operations, allowing for more transparent and efficient delivery of goods and assets from end-to-end

Track Logistics Operations from End-to-End

  • Get comprehensive, real-time visibility over the flow of goods across their journey, from the warehouse shelf all the way to the end customer.
  • Track and trace the movement and status of your logistics fleet, giving you accurate location-based data to ensure that deliveries arrive on time and to the right customer.

Integrate with Proof of Delivery & Supply Chain Systems

  • Connect with third party Proof of Delivery systems for complete and real-time closed loop tracking, ensuring delivery all the way to the very end of the last mile.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other supply chain management systems and ensure compliance with chain-of-custody regulations for sensitive, high-value cargo.

Locatum for Supply
Chain Tracking

From the warehouse and freight to the end customer, Locatum’s hybrid solution architecture allows it to adapt to every step of your supply chain and logistics operations, delivering the real-time visibility into the status of critical goods and assets necessary to optimize management, drive error-free delivery and enable effective decision making

End-to-End Tracking and Traceability

Monitor the location and movement of inventory and assets across operations, from the warehouse all the way to the customer

Accurate, Real-time
Location Data

Pinpoint the exact position of goods and assets for efficient warehouse management and error-free delivery

Robust Analytics

Drive operational efficiencies across your inventory management and logistics planning with sophisticated performance analytics

Seamless 3rd Party Systems Integration

Easily connect with other applications and platforms to create integrated systems across supply chain and logistics management

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