Industrial IoT

The accelerating demands of today’s industrial landscape has companies across the entire value chain aggressively looking for ways to eliminate waste and run leaner, more productive, and more profitable operations.

Locating Waste is Key to Unlocking Value

Locatum’s real-time locationing systems enable industrial players to visualize where value and waste exist in their production and logistics workflows, allowing them to guide flawless executions by unlocking new efficiencies that increase capacity and improve cycle time performance.

Connect Management to the Shop Floor

  • Achieve real-time operational awareness by monitoring the utilization of equipment assets and personnel for granular process control and dynamic job scheduling.
  • Use real-time location data to gain visibility into workflows in motion and drive continuous process improvement by identifying bottlenecks and untapped efficiencies.

Integrate with Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Follow the movement of high value works-in-progress across work streams for full visibility into their status, allowing you to maximize the productivity and precision of your workforce.
  • Track material flows across your entire production environment in real-time for more agile and proactive responsiveness to sudden changes in inventory and production statuses.

Automate, Streamline, and Enhance Workflows

  • Equip personnel with real-time location tracking of critical equipment assets, works-in-progress, and assembly parts to cut search times and enhance cycle time productivity.
  • Drive workflow efficiencies by automating receiving, staging, sorting and assembly with continuous asset ID tracking.

Locatum for Industrial Environments

Locatum’s hybrid solution architecture and customizable implementation allows enterprises to leverage a highly adaptable real-time location system to achieve higher levels of traceability and control at an individual workflow level and increase the efficiency and precision of their industrial executions.

Real-Time Operational Awareness

Gain full visibility into the utilization of assets and personnel for optimal resource allocation.

Actionable Intelligence

Identify bottlenecks and opportunities for new process efficiencies to accelerate outcomes.

Operational Excellence

Enhance processes and workflow control to achieve Lean and Just-In-Time metrics.

Optimize Resources

Improve asset utilization and workforce productivity to maximize cycle time performance.

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