Healthcare IoT

Providing responsive and high quality live-saving care depends on having the right professional with the right tools to deliver critical medical attention to patients at the right time, without increasing the cost of care.

Connecting Patients, Physicians, and Processes

Locatum’s real-time locationing solutions enable hospitals and medical facilities to achieve the operational efficiency and business intelligence necessary to not only optimized health service workflows and their quality of care, but also lower operating costs to capture savings for both them and their patients.

Enable Mobile, Agile, and Responsive Care

  • Leverage real-time tracking to locate mobile medical assets, health professionals, and patients for accelerated response times and optimized resource utilization.
  • Visualize healthcare workflows in motion to identify critical bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allowing you to streamline and enhance processes to reduce patient wait times and increase throughput.

Monitor and Proactively Manage Assets in Real-Time

  • Maintain full visibility into the status and location of mobile medical equipment assets with automated asset tracking to optimize utilization and eliminate search times.
  • Drive accurate and predictive inventory and maintenance lifecycle management with detailed asset analytics.

Integrate with Healthcare and Management Systems

  • Integrate patient ID tracking with electronic medical records, enabling doctors and caregivers to access critical information wherever they are for more responsive care.
  • Integrate real-time asset data with resource management systems for comprehensive audits, traceable asset reconciliation, and optimal business decisions.

Locatum for Healthcare Facilities

By leveraging Locatum’s adaptable locationing and analytics capabilities, health facilities are able to achieve deep operational visibility over patients, staff, processes, and assets necessary to make critical decisions that positively impact both business and healthcare outcomes.

Real-Time Operational Awareness

Gain full visibility into the utilization of assets and personnel for optimal resource allocation.

Actionable Intelligence

Identify bottlenecks and opportunities for new process efficiencies to accelerate outcomes.

Operational Excellence

Enhance processes and workflow control to achieve Lean and Just-In-Time metrics.

Optimize Resources

Improve asset utilization and workforce productivity to maximize cycle time performance.


Deep Operational Visibility

Identify operational and workflow bottlenecks to reduce wait times and enhance patient experience.

Streamline and Automate Processes

Enhance processes to enable staff to focus on complex problem solving and improve the quality of care.

Enhanced Agility and Coordination

Drive staff productivity, effective collaboration, and responsiveness with real-time visibility into patient status and location.

Effective Asset Management

Reduce capital expenditures resulting from equipment loss while maximizing asset utilization.

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