Commercial IoT

In order to capture the attention, purchase, and loyalty of today’s consumers, it’s not enough for retailers to simply offer a superior product, but to also connect and deliver compelling experiences that enrich the buyer’s journey.

Enabling Your Consumers to Find You.

Locatum’s in-door navigating systems enable retail and commercial establishments to connect with consumers and engage them with user targeted services and location aware adcasting to deliver rich media experiences that enhance their buying experiences and drive conversion.

Context and Location Aware Advertising

  • Orchestrate campaigns that target consumers based on location or proximity for more relevant advertising that drives foot traffic to storefronts and customer conversion.
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer engagement campaigns with full transparency into total ad impressions and their direct correlation with storefront walk-ins.

Customer-Focused In-Door Wayfinding

  • Enhance your customers’ ability to interact with your commercial environment with in-door navigation applications straight out of their mobile devices.
  • Built in social check-in features that allow customers to share their location with their social circles and organically increase foot traffic.

Enhance Supply Chain Logistics

  • Lower operational costs by leveraging Locatum’s real-time location data to streamline and automate inventory tracking.
  • Real-time visibility into the location of merchandise – whether it's located in the aisle, stock room, or fulfillment center – enables employees to spend less time retrieving items and focus on delivering excellent customer care.

Locatum for Retail Environments

Whether it is to connect with customers or enhance the productivity of retail employees, Locatum’s hybrid solution architecture allows it to be adapted to the various uses cases that can emerge in a commercial setting and enable retailers and facility operators to deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their customers.

Enhance Retail Experience

Achieve omni-channel customers engagement and deliver personalized buying experiences.

User-Targeted Location Services

Maximize customer engagement with your retail environment with customizable in-door location-based services.

In-door Behaviour Tracking

Analyze travel paths and dwell times to gain better insight to how customer engage with your commercial space.

Drive Sales

Relevant and contextualized location-driven customer engagement allow retails to maximize customer conversion and capture loyalty.


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