Bridging the
Digital-Physical Divide

With the explosion of internet enabled devices, mobility technology, and the steady rise of IoT, there is a growing need for tracking moving objects in the real-world as it continues to converge with digital technology. From asset tracking, wayfinding, security to location-based services, locationing technology holds enormous promise in solving real-world problems and enriching our ability to navigate through it.

Locatum is a cloud-based indoor locationing solution

that allows enterprises to unlock the power of IoT and seamlessly track the movements of objects in even the most complex high-interference environments – whether they are mobile assets moving across a busy shop floor or people in large commercial buildings. Locatum’s hybrid architecture allows for highly localized implementations and customized solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of any enterprise, regardless of industry or problem-space.

By abstracting the underlying wireless technology, Locatum is able to evolve and incorporate various technologies based on current needs – whether it is WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, or cellular. Our patent pending technologies allow us to stay ahead of the technological curve and deliver localized real-time location solutions capable of adapting to domain or emerging need-space.

Our People

A team with, commitment,
experience and vision.

Sudarsan Vasudevan

Chief Executive Officer

Sudarsan is a seasoned technologist with over 18 years of experience working at Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco and Qualcomm. He possesses the right blend of experience in building world-class teams that develop top-of-the-line solutions. His technical expertise in routing, switching and wireless networking, combined with his strong understanding of customer needs enable him to lead and deliver industry-leading products across Asia, Japan and USA.

Senthil Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Senthil is a passionate open-source aficionado with over 18 years of experience in the software industry working for industry leaders like HP and Novell. Prior to Qubercomm, he had served as Qualcomm's official Linux upstream go-to person for their wifi chipsets drivers and as Technical Lead for Intoto’s famed SSL VPN products. Senthil’s passion for IoT, coupled with his expertise in communication and security is the key driver in Qubercomm‘s solution strategy.

Magendran S

Cloud Architect

Maghi is a passionate software technologist, certified enterprise architect and a seasoned hands-on software engineer with over 19 years of professional software design and development experience with a focus on end-to-end scalable software design and tie in Application development, big data, Search, Acceleration, Analytics and IoT. Maghi has delivered in these areas for Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Apple, Walmart and eBay. He holds a Master degree in computer science and a certificate as Oracle J2EE Enterprise Architect.


Saravana C

Hardware Architect

Saravana has over 25 years of experience as an Electronics Engineer with a specialization in Printed Circuit Board Design. He has designed PCBs for markets including Wireless, Aerospace, Computing, Medical Electronics, Automobile Electronics and consumer Electronics. Saravana holds an Engineering Degree from Anna University.



Srinivasan Ganapathy

Sundar Subramaniyan

Raja Mani

Kirthik Srinivasan


Pradyumana Tirumala

Sivasubramanian Kannappan

Dhileep Sridhar

Ukesh Suseendran


Charmin Pansuriya

Vinod Kambli

Sundareswar P

Gopi Arumugam


Admin and Accounts


Latha Vijay

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