The Locatum N-Mesh platform seamlessly integrates standard radios, allowing true industrial IoT capabilities to collect data from any telematics device across any radio.

We provide bespoke real-time location systems suited to your specific needs.


Gain deep visibility and insights into your operations by leveraging advanced analytics and real-time location data to measure activity within specific venues, the productivity of people, the utilization of assets, and the efficiency of workflows.

  • Measure
  • Keep track of key metrics such as travel times, venue wait times, and traffic densities in real-time.

  • Correlate
  • Use advanced analytics to gain insight into higher level KPI’s using location and movement data.


Deliver accurate contextual positioning and turn-by-turn wayfinding services to users in massive and complex in-door environments, allowing for easy and efficient navigation to their desired destination, whether it is a specific venue or a critical mobile asset.

  • Wayfinding
  • Gain precise turn-by-turn guidance to users, allowing them to efficiently navigate to their destination.

  • Positioning
  • Allow users to pin-point their location with sub-meter accuracy in any in-door setting, regardless of complexity.


Follow the movements of people and mobile assets in real-time to gain unparalleled visibility and traceability into all activities within high-traffic and high-interference in-door environments, enabling you to reliably determine where they’ve been, where they are, and predict where they are headed.

  • Locate
  • Observe all activities and movements across your building in real-time for unparalleled operational awareness.

  • Contextualize
  • Maintain full traceability into all activities of tracked people and assets using detailed historical records of movements.

Accurate Locationing

Leverage accurate in-door location data collection to enable powerful new capabilities and services.

Advanced Analytics

Convert raw location data into actionable intelligence and insights using best-in-class analytical engines and sophisticated algorithms.

Adaptable Technology

Extremely configurable solution stack allows us to leverage the latest technologies to build accurate and precise locationing systems.

Bespoke RTLS System

Regardless of use case or need-space, we built Real-Time Locationing Systems suited to your organization’s specific requirements.

Building Real-Time Location Systems for a world that is constantly on the move.

Whether building a consumer-grade in-door wayfinding application or an enterprise-class asset tracking system, Locatum can provide you with the technology and expertise needed to develop products and solutions that solve real-world problems in complex, dynamic high-activity environments.

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